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re: App: Hextranq

The application submitted by Hextranq is as follows:

Name : Hextranq
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Twisting Nether
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Troll
Class : Priest
Spec 1 : Holy
Spec 2 : Shadow

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Please list some simple personal information about yourself e.g. name, age, country, profession, hobbies:
Dewet Erasmus. 33, South Africa, Instrument Technician, Hiking warcraft...

How stable is your internet connection? How smoothly can your computer run World of Warcraft?:
Havent dc'd in months so stable I guess and running at 60fps on max graphics

Can you keep an 75% attendance? (9/12 raids a month):
Yip. I do standbye for work call outs once a month so there it will be tentative the rest will be signed up. Oh and the once a year holiday break away from civilization thing

How fluent are you at English? Are you able to communicate on TeamSpeak 3?:
English afrikaans same thing for me. As long as I dont need a dictionary to understand people Im fine

What class and specialization do you intend to play for us? Would you be willing to respec if asked, if so do you have any other raid worthy alts that we should know about:
Shadow Priest for the past 6 years as main specc and healing OS but with legion playing Holy as main and shadow OS. Got a DH tank in the 860 range that I also really enjoy playing

What are your professions and why did you choose them?:
Tailoring and enchanting. Enchanting is too expensive so I make my own and tailoring... Flying carpets need I say more?

Please provide us with an overview of your past raiding experience and what content you have cleared:
Played private on molten in LK days then went commercial with MoP. Was GM for flaring nightingale during this time in a ten man raiding group where we cleared normals and some HC content back then. Warlords was a little up and down due to guilds not surviving until. HFC where we got to 8 mythic kills

What previous guild(s) have you been in. And why did you leave them?:
Flaring Nightingale as GM got too committed to the game and had to step back due to private life issues (MoP). Rhodon guild stopped when GM quit (WoD). Cant remember the last guilds name cause I cant even pronounce it went something like khjfbiueklnva but left there because people went tocrazy mythic raiding schedules 5 times a week which was too much for me.

Why do you want to join Raging Nemesis?:
Had a chat to Accalia and if the rest of you are like that I can see things being fun as well as getting kills. Im here to have fun work is enough stress already :P

How do you approach new encounters?:
Make sure I watch a vid or 2 before hand so I know exactly whats expected of me and so the raid leader can confuse the crap out of me by using a completely different strategy.

What is your basic rotation / spell / stat priority?:
flash heal flash heal flash heal repeat until encounter is done... :P You did ask basic. PoM on CD, Divine hymn when I want to cheese the healing. Mastery and crit for holy
As shadow get SW:p and vamp up. MB on CD get into Voidform and stay in there as long as possible by using MB and VB on cd with torrent and manafiend. haste(25%) > crit => mastery > haste above 25%

Please provide us a picture of your UI with a brief explanation of any addons you use and what you use them for:
Im going to be dumb cant find a place to attach it here. I use DBM for raid warnings. Elvui for the custom set ups I can do. Weakauras because I like to make flashy pop ups when nuking. Those are the main ones concerning raids. And then some Nomicakes cause I hate that panda. Other stuff is more pet battle related. Oh and using pawn currentl to track upgrades with stat weights.

If you have any raid logs, link them here.:
Sorry been pugging recently so nothing to share

Do you analyze your own logs after raids? If not, why?:
Never really tried logging as we always had guildies tracking logs but if they were available always tried seeing how to improve my shadow as Im sort of a little competitive and its fun kicking someones arse :p

Have you read our guild rules?:
Liona told me not to I believe is the answer or yes

Is there anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?:
Nope your shooting in the dark

Anything else we should know? This is your chance to impress us:
I already typed more than Ive typed in ages my whole raiding life story is up here... Uhm... I love sushi?
I get a little irritated if people die from stupid shit over and over and over... Once or twice I can handle more than that Ill be using my inside voice and swearing... ANything more than that... Well thats why I have push to talk on teamspeak.
Does I got Ahead of the curve for all raids since MoP count as trying to make an impression?
Sorry Im out of typing stuff

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> 3x a Month
Monday -> Don\'t Know
Tuesday -> Don\'t Know
Wednesday -> 3x a Month
Thursday -> 2x a Month
Friday -> Don\'t Know
Saturday -> Don\'t Know

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re: APPROVED - App: Hextranq - by rusko123


He Hextang,


Ty for the apply :). We already talked in game and i liked the sounds of the things you were saying.


1 question from an other officer was: why are you using pawn btw? I heard that it wasnt that good if you had the cap of 1 stat. 


I will contact you in game for a trail :). 







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re: APPROVED - App: Hextranq - by rusko123


Its not the begin and end all off whether the gear is good or not.  Also agree that it is crappy on my Shadow side since I already reached my 25% haste.  What I do like about it you can set up what your stat weights are and immediatly see whether that gear is an upgrade for that specific slot or not.  Obviously then you need to still check the rest off your stuff to see whether you will go over your cap or not and in the end loose out.  For me its a quick reference guide.  especially nice on alts where I cant always remember stat weights so I enter it in when I load it up at the beginning of a tier and work from there.

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