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re: Guild rules - Read before making an application!


Under you will find our guild rules.

When you have read and understood them, you may proceed to our application form here - 





If you are reading this, you are probably concidering an application or are still in doubt. But heres some stuff you must know either way! 


Our requirements -

- We require that you are here atleast 9/12 raids a month. And you must sign up for the raids atleast an hour in advance. And provide a good reason should you not be able to attend a raid in advance. 

- Exceptional knowledge of your class and specialization.

- Ability to take criticism and use it to improve yourself.

- Willing to be benched for a certain boss fight if we think it's best to scale down and/or this will help out on this specific fight.

- A working microphone and ability to speak and listen on Teamspeak. 

- Always pushing yourself to become better.


Raid rules -

We expect you to come prepared for every raid! This means you must have your flasks, runes, potions and food (*125* we do not use feast as this is only 100) stacked up and ready to last out the raid! 

- We raid every Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday / Monday from 20:00 - 23:00 except sunday which is from 19:00 to 22/23:00 You must be logged into your main and ready for the invites starting at fifteen minutes prior to the start of the raid, as we will pull when the clock reaches raid time.

- During bossfights, the raidleaders talk on teamspeak. Feedback or comments can be taken during trash, breaks or inbetween pulls. 

- For loot, we have a loot council which distributes all the loot fairly.

*NOTE* The members have priority on loot over trials. You are trialing to join our team, not trialing for loot and then leave after you have gotten what you came for. 

The Trial period is usually around 2-3 weeks. The more you prove yourself the better! 

If you were to pug. You are expected to behave, if you do not behave, people will see your guild name, and they might get the wrong picture.

This means NO NINJA LOOTING. This will result in an instant removal from the guild. No racism, no languague, just use common sense.   

Addons required for raids - 

- WeakAuras2

- RCLootCouncil

- Deadly Boss Mods (or similar)


 What you can expect from us -

- Repair costs are covered by the guild bank (As a member)

- Mentoring, and continuous feedback about your performance.

- A guild filled with alot of friendly and exceptional players. We have been alive for over 10 years, and it takes alot of dedication and teamwork to manage this, so you can expect to have a great time, and maybe even get a new facebook friend or two! 

- Efficient progression through heroic and mythic content (including achievements).



- If you ever decide to apply, when asked if you have read our guildrules. You must answer with "Rusko told me not too".  Failing to do this will result in a rejected application.

Keep in mind that we will always consider exceptional applicants, in order to improve rankings. So even if you don't see your class under what we are currently needing, don't let that scare you away! 

Looking forward to your applications to impress us :) ! Goodluck !

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