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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 17:05    Post subject: Guild Rules - Please read before making an applications!

Raging Nemesis Guild Rules & Expectations 

If you find yourself on this page you are either interested or are applying to be a raider or a social within the Raging Nemesis Community. Please take time to read the following post.

When you have read and understood the rules and expectations, you may proceed to our application form which is located here:


First of all, a bit about us

Raging Nemesis is a guild with a lot of friendly and exceptional players with a lot of experience.  We have been around for 12 years now, this has taken a lot of dedication and team work to reach this stage. By joining us you can expect to have great time, meet some great people and even get a new Facebook friend or two.  We are also not restricted to just playing World of Warcraft, a number of us take time out to enjoy other games such as Dota 2, Counter Strike, Arma 3 and Day Z. 

Before Writing an Application

In this post you will find the guild rules, please take 5 minutes to read these before making an application, failure to do so will lead to your application being declined, even if it is for social spot!. 

Please take time to fill in your application and provide us with as much information as this allow officers to build up a picture of who you are which will lead to quicker response to your application.

General Rules


  • Please treat other guildies as you expect to be treated, this also stands for people outside this guild! 

  • The ability to be able to speak in English is a must!

  • There is a Zero tolerance to bullying, anyone caught doing this will be instantly kicked from the guild.

  • No Ninja Looting! This will resort to an instant kick from the guild!

  • By joining Raging Nemesis you will then be representing us outside of guild activities, so don't act stupidly and give us a bad reputation. Any complaints will be dealt with!

  • The most important rule of them all is to Have Fun!

Raiding Rules


  • We raid every Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday / Monday (Alt Runs) from 20:00 - 23:00 game time and you are expected to be online no later than 10 minutes before the raids starts with everything you need.

  • Attendance is important as it leads to a stable raid team - we expect 75% attendance each month. However we do understand that real life does come first therefore there can be occasions when raiders are not able to meet this. 

  • We expect you to come prepared for every raid! This means you must have an understanding of the tactics required for boss we are attempting on that particular night. This also means you must have your flasks, runes, potions, Food (125) ready before the raid starts.

  • During boss fights and team speak needs to be clear for raid leaders to call out instructions. Feedback or comments can be taken during trash, breaks or in between pulls.

  • For loot we are currently rolling for the current content however some pieces of loot are taken into consideration based on BIS etc

         *Note* Raiders get priority over trials. You are trailing to join a team and trialing for loot!

  • The Trial Period lasts between 2-3 weeks, take this time to show us what you're made of!

  • Be able to take constructive criticism, as this will enable you to learn from your mistakes and help you improve as a player. 

  • Do not pug the bosses we are attempting throughout the rad week unless it has been approved by an officers. The raids will be put up weekly so you know what bosses we will be killing for that specific raid week.

Raiding Addons and Software


  • Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs

  • Preferably a cool down tracking addon (Weak Auras 2, Omni CC) etc. 

  • Discord


If you do decided to write an application to join Raging Nemesis, when asked if you have read the guild rules you must answer with "Dramen said no Drama". Failing to do this will result in your application being rejected.


We are Looking forward to your application! Good Luck!